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The words “Pay and Be Paid” is the most common combination in payment processing and PayPal for example uses them both during the log in process.



In fact the sentence “Pay and Be Paid” appears 8.6 million times on the web !!!!


 Let’s go over some other interesting stats.


The word “be paid” appears over 130 million times in articles, news or blogs according to Google. 





Appears 1.790 million times 


Appears 1.110 million times 

Credit card Appears 690 million times
Be Paid Appears 130 million times
Get Paid Appears 68.7 million times 
Credit check Appears 34 million times
Pay and Be Paid Appears 8.6 million times
Merchant account Appears 6,6 million times
Payment processing

Appears 9.6 million times



On the site alone the word Be Paid appears 4.950 times which how popular it is in usage in the English language vocabulary, and of course most often in the context of being paid or in the sense of debt (to be paid).




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